Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top Of The World

We are at the Top Of The World Lounge on the top of the BLT. Had to checkin on the first floor,each person must have a resort ID w/ Vacation Club Member on it. Then you get escorted up to the 16th floor. Any 16th floor access requires a special room card. The menu is simple just some appetizers and the normal Disney speciality drinks.

The room is spectacular as is the view. The chandelier in here is amazing. The staff is overly friendly and its really not that crowded but it is starting to build up. Rich is the manager and he came around to welcome everyone.
Waiting on the fireworks(Wishes) at 10pm.
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  1. Is the procedure the same for the just roof top deck (outside)?


  2. Everything sounds so lovely! I hope you are enjoying Wishes!