Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 3. BLT

Sorry for the lack of reports yesterday. We had some visitors. Spent the day at the pool until storms rolled in around 2:30. Went back to the room, still no blender, and headed back to the pool after storms cleared.

We went down town to TRex for dinner. DT was crowded we had about a 20 minute wait for the restaurant. Did some shopping at WofD, again it was packed to the hilt. We stopped at Paridiso37 in Pleasure Island. They have an interesting selection of tequilas and also an interesting menu. Will have to eat there in the future.

Today, routine is the same. At the poo. There is a guy having a bbq with his family and making hot dogs. The grill area is right next to the pool, two picnic tables and 5 grills(charcoal). Its covered nicely with a permanent structure. There are outlets there too.

Pool is still light on crowds. Hotel seems to be having no problems that we have heard of.

The pool slide is built out of glass blocks and you can walk under/through it. The slide is open all the way down. Its fun for kids and adults.

Will be at pool until it rains. Dinner at chef mickey later tonite.
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"The Balcony"

The balcony in our room is very private, There are no balconies next to us, keep in mind our room is the first room after you get off the elevator, even the next room past ours, I cant see their balcony. I can see the one above me, but I have to lean pretty good! It does look like there are some balconies only divided by maybe a 1 foot wide cement divider/wall. Over all the balcony size is ample, we had five people on it yesterday with plenty of room. If you look at some of the exterior photos that have been posted, you can probably see those baclonies that are close to each other.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just an fyi, we have used the GG for many trips. We order water,coffee,snack,brkfst stuff,etc. Prepay and they drop off everything at bell service. Its a good way to save a few dollars. Water is $2.50 a bottle as opposed to a case of 32 for 8.99. There is a delivery fee and minimum order.
They will even include beer, just add it to the order in the comments section. We just were talking to a family new to DVC and first time and they were thankful for the advice. Of course if they followed Disboards they would have known a lot this.
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Ok. Our 1st problem. Requested a blender, which is normal for a studio, sounds like they don't have any yet? So if someone in a 1,2,or villa has one they don't want to use, call housekeeping and tell them they can take your blender and deliver it to room 8014. The housekeeper we talked to in the hallway thought that there were no blenders in any rooms? Probably an opening day snafu. We were gonna use it to blend up some drinks! Oh well, off to the cove bar instead!
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Day 2 - BLT

After a slow morning we have left the room and headed down again to the pool. Not crowded at all, we had our pick of chairs. We walked over to the Contemporary to check out the pools. The theme pool is open and is a nice alternative to the blt pool. They also have a pool woth cabanas to rent. $90 for 4 hours. Real nice, includes soda and water, TV and butlert service (drinks and food are extra). We got reservations for Chef Mickey's tomorrow night. While making the ressie at guest services there was a cash room guest of blt complaining how he wasn't allow up to top of the world! I wanted to tell him that DVC membership has its perks! (Need a referral!)

We are back at the pool, its a hot one today!
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This is the Map that you get when you check in, it doesnt go into great detail as to exact room locations.