Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 2 - BLT

After a slow morning we have left the room and headed down again to the pool. Not crowded at all, we had our pick of chairs. We walked over to the Contemporary to check out the pools. The theme pool is open and is a nice alternative to the blt pool. They also have a pool woth cabanas to rent. $90 for 4 hours. Real nice, includes soda and water, TV and butlert service (drinks and food are extra). We got reservations for Chef Mickey's tomorrow night. While making the ressie at guest services there was a cash room guest of blt complaining how he wasn't allow up to top of the world! I wanted to tell him that DVC membership has its perks! (Need a referral!)

We are back at the pool, its a hot one today!
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  1. The referral question is too funny... Wonder what the response would have been?