Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 3. BLT

Sorry for the lack of reports yesterday. We had some visitors. Spent the day at the pool until storms rolled in around 2:30. Went back to the room, still no blender, and headed back to the pool after storms cleared.

We went down town to TRex for dinner. DT was crowded we had about a 20 minute wait for the restaurant. Did some shopping at WofD, again it was packed to the hilt. We stopped at Paridiso37 in Pleasure Island. They have an interesting selection of tequilas and also an interesting menu. Will have to eat there in the future.

Today, routine is the same. At the poo. There is a guy having a bbq with his family and making hot dogs. The grill area is right next to the pool, two picnic tables and 5 grills(charcoal). Its covered nicely with a permanent structure. There are outlets there too.

Pool is still light on crowds. Hotel seems to be having no problems that we have heard of.

The pool slide is built out of glass blocks and you can walk under/through it. The slide is open all the way down. Its fun for kids and adults.

Will be at pool until it rains. Dinner at chef mickey later tonite.
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  1. Ask detailed questions about everything from sleeping arrangements and kitchen gear to location of the nearest grocery store and what happens if the toilet backs up at midnight